AIGA’s Design Teaching Resource was quietly launched over the past month. I’ve been excited for the launch of the AIGA teaching resource since it was announced at the 2017 AIGA conference. As a teacher, I remember how critical it was to have access to examples of projects and exercises from fellow teachers as I was developing my own courses. Today, AIGA is providing a space for teachers to share their projects with one another.

Website Redesign Project AIGA Teaching Resource

I was lucky enough to be invited to contribute a few projects early on to help populate the site. Two standard web design projects and one slightly unorthodox structuring of an illustration project.

If you want to check out my introductory website redesign project, research-driven future web project, or experimental fifty projects, one process project pack, check them out at AIGA’s Design Teaching Resource.

Interested in more of my course documents? Send me a message, and I’ll be happy to share.