Art Zine Microfest Ad
Ad for the Microfest that was part of the exhibition

This past Summer, I had the privilege of sharing my art books at the Palm Springs Art Museum as part of their Reading Wall—An exhibition of zines and self-published books made by artists. The exhibition coincided with a major presentation of works by Andy Warhol and focused heavily on makers from or connected to Southern California. 

Reading Wall Exhibition at the Palm Springs Art Museum
Shot of a portion of the work during installation.

Three of my publications were exhibited—A book on salvation mountain, Los Angeles Mythology, Vol. 2 and Chasing After Kandinsky—were featured in the exhibition and subsequently added to the Joshua Tree Zine Collection. I also had the excitement of being part of the zine micro fest held at the museum with tables for selling my work.

Palm Springs Art Museum

This exciting opportunity was a strong reminder of the importance of making work that responds to the communities you are a part of. Most of this work was made or originated during my time in Los Angeles, studying at Otis College of Art & Design, while I was attempting to understand and figure out what made Los Angeles and its surrounding areas tick. I ended up following my curiosity and simply making in response to the things that caught my attention and provoked though. The works were made without a specified goal, purpose or aim other than to point my finger at things that seemed important. This process has richly rewarded me and I plan to continue it now that I have moved to Portland, OR.