Chasing After Kandinsky is a Three Part Project consisting of an installation, a website, and a publication.

The site is essentially a catalog of colorful images that conform to Kandinsky’s understand of the distinct personalities of color. These images are drawn from a google algorithm which has been designed to perform color-limited image searches for phrases from Kandinsky’s writing. In the end, the site displays organized phrases about color and images that reflect the color. Looking at red images, one sees aggression; looking at the yellow images, one sees annoyance. The idea is that someone who uses this site for extended periods of time will slowly be able to condition their sensory perceptions to be more like Kandinsky’s.

The book is essentially a process book, showing the origins of the project and particularly how the music was created. The book begins by categorizing Kandinsky’s writing about different colors in his 1911 text  Concerning the Spiritual in Art; it then condenses Kandinsky’s words into poems about color. These poems are then used as the lyrics for songs composed for each color.

There third part, blue communion, is documented and described in its own project post.

Note: I have included many images of this project as it has three parts. However, if only one is used I would strongly prefer to use the image of the installation as that is the central piece.