Essay Written and Release as part of the first edition of Impact
Published for the Otis Art Book Fair 2018


The environments that we live in are the result of nature moving along its own course of developmentand humans altering the trajectory of nature’s growth. While we are not the only living creatures to operate in this way, the alterations that humans construct tend to occur with a greater degree of permanence and with a wider-spread impact on the development of nature. Equipped with a desire for progress and a resourceful tendency towards problem solving, human beings exert a control on the environment that is unequaled by any other species. As a result of this ability, the places we spend most of our time, even the natural escapes we travel to are generally a product of a combination of both natural, organic development as well as intentional and unintentional alteration by design.

Comprised of writings, images, and publication, Impact addresses the history, current tensions, and future possibilities that exist in the relationship between human beings and nature. As an ongoing project, Impact seeks to explore, document, and present snapshots of the relationship between people and nature, particularly focusing on evidence of human presence and interaction with seemingly natural spaces. 

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